Why Brand Antabuse Is More Expensive Than Brand Analogs

Antabuse is a popular and effective medicine taken by many patients to treat alcoholism, and it works by interfering with how their bodies break down this harmful substance. Basically, when you drink alcohol while taking this medication, you will experience a number of unpleasant side effects, and this is what can help you get rid of the urge to drink. That’s why it’s often used to treat alcoholism in the right combination with supportive methods and treatments, including healthy lifestyle choices.

Basic Information about Its Intake

It’s not allowed to give Antabuse to those people who are intoxicated or without their prior knowledge. Make sure that you know everything about its possible reactions with alcohol before you start taking it. It’s necessary to avoid this substance in different forms, such as vinegars, mouth washes, back rubs and other products. This medication will keep causing unpleasant reaction up to a few weeks after its intake. For those patients who have such health conditions as nephritis, epilepsy and diabetes, you should be careful when taking Antabuse. It’s not allowed to use it if you have serious heart problems, allergies and psychosis.

Comparing Generic and Brand Antabuse

Which one is better? It’s one of the most common questions asked by patients shopping for this medication. When it comes to brand and generic Antabuse, take into account that they both contain the same active ingredient, disulfiram, but the main difference is in their prices. Why is brand Antabuse more expensive? There are different reasons why its price is much higher compared to generic analogs.

If you have a limited budget, but you still want to treat alcoholism, generic Antabuse offered quite affordable prices on the same treatment in addition to the same quality offered by a well-known manufacturer in India. The price of brand Antabuse is much higher because of monopoly and multiple marketing and advertising expenses included in it. Another great thing is that you can order generic analogs without any prescription, and this is what makes them more comfortable and accessible.

disulfiram brand nameList of Side Effects

When those patients who undergo this treatment drink alcohol, they can expect for unpleasant adverse effects. The most common ones include sweating, vomiting, flushing, thirst, nausea, headaches, blurred vision, fainting, difficulty breathing, dizziness, confusion, irregular heartbeats and so on. Besides, there are other side effects associated with the intake of Antabuse, including unusual tiredness, drowsiness, acne, skin rash, swollen tongue, impotence, etc. Don’t forget about possible adverse effects that include hepatitis, optic neuritis and some other health problems.

Possible Drug Interactions

Antabuse is available in the form of regular tablets that contain either 250 mg or 500 mg of its active ingredient, disulfiram. As a smart patient, you should be aware of possible drug interactions when taking this medication, to be on a safe side. For example, it’s not advisable to take this drug with Coumadin because this combination increases the risk of bleeding. Don’t combine Antabuse with isoniazid to avoid developing unusual mental or mood changes. Remember that this medication may boost the blood levels of Dilantin, and that’s why they should be closely monitored.