How Antabuse Acts when You Drink Alcohol

Those people who need help with alcoholism can choose among many options, including medications. Antabuse is one of these drugs, and it has certain pros and cons that should be considered. Before you start taking it, you should get a better idea of possible side effects, benefits and other important details to define if its use is a good choice.

What Antabuse Is All About

Basically, it’s a prescription medication that contains disulfiram as its active ingredient, and there are many patients who take it to treat alcoholism. It works by preventing your liver from breaking down a substance that the body produces naturally whenever you consume alcohol. When acetaldehyde starts building up in your bloodstream, this is when it results in quite an unpleasant physical reaction.

Make sure that you take Antabuse at once, and you’ll feel its effect 10 minutes after drinking alcohol. Keep in mind that this effect will last for about 30 minutes and may continue for a few hours. Besides, this reaction is unpleasant, and that’s why most patients prefer to avoid drinking alcohol rather than feeling sick. The good news is that Antabuse can stay in your body for about a few weeks, thus, making you feel sick each time when consuming alcohol.

Don’t forget about adverse effects, but they may vary because not all patients experience such symptoms. Most users may expect fast heartbeat and drop in their blood pressure, and other common side effects include sweating, dizziness, headaches, difficulty breathing, vomiting, nausea and so on.

Benefits of Taking Antabuse

Once you start taking this medicine to battle alcoholism, you will get a number of benefits, such as the following:

  • Encouraging sobriety. It’s not a secret that alcoholism is quite a serious ailment that negatively impacts many aspects of your life. For many people, it’s hard to stop drinking, and this is when the use of Antabuse may come in handy. It works by causing a number of negative effects, including unpleasant physical symptoms each time when drinking alcohol. If you know that drinking will make you feel quite sick, you will be motivated to stay away from alcohol.
  • It’s an effective deterrent. There are many studies and tests that prove that Antabuse offers quite a powerful treatment for alcoholism.
  • Giving a cushion when it comes to cravings. Sometimes, patients require extra motivation to remain sober, and the intake of Antabuse can provide them with it. For instance, you will get a cushion that lets the urge pass, and that’s why many people use this medicine during the most challenging months of their sobriety.
  • Even a bit of alcohol produces an unpleasant reaction. When taking this medication, you don’t have to drink a lot to experience its reaction and start feeling sick. If you drink just a bit of alcohol, it will be enough to trigger an unpleasant physical response promised by Antabuse.

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In conclusion, there are many benefits offered by this treatment, and that’s why it’s chosen by many patients who want to remain sober. You should understand that it’s not a magic pill to treat alcoholism, so that it must be combined with other methods to get the most out of it. Be sure to make healthy lifestyle changes if you want to get rid of this addiction. It’s advisable to talk to your doctor to find out more about underlying causes and get a prescription to buy Antabuse fast, both online and offline.